Payment Agreement Letter

Payment Agreement Letter

A payment agreement letter can be a simple letter between 2 parties that have some transaction or business dealings; a payment agreement letter can be written by either party in a transaction to promise payment for the goods received or services rendered by the supplier.

The letter states the relevant information to assure the recipient of the payment. It is recommended to write all the clauses of agreement in this letter.

This letter being formal in nature must ensure that no statement is misleading. Not that, in an informal letter one should write misleading content, but when it is a formal letter one has to be more careful especially when dealing with such intricate matters of the payment agreement. In specific words, mention the terms of the agreement so that there is no confusion in the future about the same.

Payment Agreement Letter Sample

The following is a Sample of Payment Agreement Letter.


Bill Manson,

Beaufort Enterprises,

844 Munich Street,

Houston, TX 72211



Gene Logan,

Farley Pharmaceutical Supplies,

17732-B Trouser Street,

Garden District, NY 29182

Subject: Payment Agreement note

Dear Mr. Logan,

This letter is an official note of agreement from Beaufort Enterprises to Farley Pharmaceutical Supplies that payment for the ordered goods as listed in our order request note, dated DD/MM/YYYY, shall be made.

Full payment will be given in cash upon the delivery of the ordered pharmaceutical goods. Beaufort Enterprises require the goods urgently for the confirmed projects that are in our folder. You are requested to deliver the mentioned products by the 15th of the month, that is, DD/MM/YYYY; otherwise, the order will be null and void.

It is the responsibility of both parties involved in a transaction to have a healthy communication. Nothing should be hidden from each other regarding this transaction. Hence, we have to say that the order would be terminated if the required requisitions are not met with.

We seek your prompt cooperation in this request. If you need further clarifications, please contact the undersigned quickly. Hoping to hear from you.

Thank you.

Yours Truly,

Bill Manson,

Production Coordinator


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