Payment Acceptance Letter

Introduction :

A payment acceptance letter is one that is written by any agency, club, spas or other institutions to its members to let them know that their payment has been accepted. People these days engage themselves in various activities for their recreational and leisure purposes. They even join various clubs and go to spas for the same. For that, they have to make a certain payment. The place where they join gives them a letter indicating that their payment has been accepted known as payment acceptance letter.

A payment acceptance letter states the amount which has been paid by the member and also thanks the member for their interest in their company. By doing this, the agency makes the individual feel good about himself for paying on time. Once through the letter, ensure its grammatical correctness.

Sample Letter

The following is the sample of payment acceptance letter.


Nimisha Chauhan,

General Manager,

Colors Beauty Spa.

Connaught Place


PIN – 110001



Nidhi Sharma,

TR Apartments,



PIN – 110021

Subject – Payment Acceptance Letter.

Dear Nidhi,

Hello, warm greetings to you! I am writing you this letter to inform you that your payment for a membership at Colors beauty spa on DD/MM/YYYY has been accepted.  This letter is an acknowledgment to tell you that your payment of Rs 1000 has been accepted through cheque number 444545454 on DD/MM/YYYY. You need to bring this slip to our spa next time to avail your membership card.

The card shall help you in getting various discounts that our spa provides to its members, time to time. Also, you can choose your card type as per your convenience. Different cards have different offers which you shall be briefed with when you come to get your card.

Thank you for trusting us enough to choose our spa for being a member. We assure you that you shall be entitled to the best of our services. Though our branch in this area has opened recently,  we have branches all over India and is one of the most trusted spas in India. We hope we keep up to your expectations. If you wish to enquire more about any service, you can contact us on the numbers provided. Hoping to see you soon at our place.

Thanking You

Yours sincerely,

Nimisha Chauhan,

General Manager,

Colors Beauty Spa.

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