Pay Raise Request Letter


A Pay Raise request letter is written by the staff of an organization to the superior or management requesting for a rise in salary. The letter must clearly contain the reason for the rise in the payment. The letter must also be convincing enough that convinces the superior or management to consider the request favorably. It is usually difficult to write a pay raise request letter, but if the circumstances are conducive, it could be well received by the recipient of the letter.

Since it is a request letter requesting for the rise in the payment, the letter must be written in a humble and polite manner. Also, this kind of letter is written from the staff level to the subordinate level so it is the responsibility of the staff to write it in a polite way. All circumstances must be clearly explained that why the rise in payment is needed. If there are many points to it then you can mention it in a bullet format so that it becomes easier for the recipient to comprehend.

Sample Letter:

The following is a sample of Pay Raise Request Letter



35A, Block-5,

KS Street,


January 24, 2011


Mr. Panchal,

56D, Block-6,

JC Road,


Subject: Pay Raise Request letter

Dear Sir,

This is to bring to your notice that I have been working at MK Technologies, Ltd. for six months. My confirmation of employment is due next week. I am writing this letter to request your kind consideration in approving my confirmation as a permanent employee at MK Technologies, Ltd. as well as increases my pay accordingly as per our interview session before I commenced my work here.

I believe that I have proven myself with good sales figures for the past six months. The clients are happy with my service, and my colleagues have accepted me well. I hope to grow my career with MK Technologies, Ltd. Working in this company is real fun as it gives its employees the proper work-life balance. Also since I am in the sales department and this department interests me a lot, therefore, I want to pursue my career in this field only. I also believe that the clients are happy with my service since I have always received a positive feedback. Now rest of the decision lies with the management whether to approve of me for the pay rise.

As inflation comes on, I do hope my pay rise request will be in tandem with the rising cost of living. Staying in a city like Mumbai whose cost of living is very high it becomes very difficult for us to adjust. Therefore I request you to kindly consider my application for the rise in payment so that I can adjust well in this city. The standard of living in Mumbai is exceptionally high. In order to cope up with this, a pay rise is very much needed. It is my humble request to you to kindly look into this matter and let me know at the earliest so that I can work accordingly.

Thank you for your kind consideration on my request. I look forward to a positive response.

Yours faithfully,


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