Pay Rise Request Letter, Sample & Format

Pay Rise Request LetterA Pay Rise request letter is written by staff to the superior or management requesting for a rise in salary. The letter should state the reason for the pay rise request clearly and convincingly for the superior or management to consider the request favorably. It is usually difficult to write a pay rise request letter, but if the circumstances are conducive, it could be well received by the recipient of the letter.


Angus Larson

Sales Executive

Rodeo Automobile Enterprise

January 24, 2011


Henry Bolton

Sales Manager

Rodeo Automobile Enterprise

Dear Boss,

Re: Pay Rise request

As you know, I have been working at Rodeo Automobile for six months. My confirmation of employment is due next week. I am writing to request your kind consideration in approving my confirmation as a permanent employee at Rodeo Automobile as well as increase my pay accordingly as per our interview session before I commenced work here.

I believe that I have proven myself with good sales figures for the past six months. The clients are happy with my service, and my colleagues have accepted me well. I hope to grow my career with Rodeo Automobile as I have a penchant for all kinds of vehicles.

As inflation comes on, I do hope my pay rise request will be in tandem with the rising cost of living.

Thank you for your kind consideration on my request. I look forward to a positive response.

Yours faithfully,

Angus Larson

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