Patient Termination Letter


A patient termination letter is a letter which is sent to a patient who has to be terminated from the doctor-patient relationship. The reasons for this termination might be that the patient has unrealistic expectations from the doctor or the patient is not able to pay his due fee or the patient is creating a havoc for the staff. A patient termination letter might also be sent if the patient continuously misses appointments. Anything which shows misbehavior or casual behavior from the patient’s side calls for a termination letter to be sent by the doctor.

This is an official letter so it should be written in a formal tone following the correct format. It should state the reason of termination and the tone should be polite. The letter should be error-free.

Sample Letter:

The sample for Patient Termination Letter is given belows:


Patrick J. Davidson

Belle veu cross hospital

292 McVaney Road
Asheville, NC 28801



Ryan Hardy Mulligan

1086 Hedge Street
Millington, NJ 07946

Dear Ryan,

Sub: Patient termination letter

You have been sent this letter to inform you that you have shown utmost casual behavior in attending any of the appointments you made with my secretary. I have a record stating that you have made 5 appointments in a single month, but you could not make it to any of these. It is a simple point that you should not make appointments you cannot attend because I am a specialist and I take my time out for appointments for my patients so that no other patient has to keep waiting. Missing 5 appointments in a month without any prior notice cannot be tolerated and so I am sending this patient termination letter to you to let you know that our patient-doctor relationship has come to an end now.

I hope you find a new doctor who would be able to give you your required timings of appointments. It was a great pleasure to be of any help to you in the past. I hope you have the best of health and a long life.

Thanking You,

Dr. Patrick James Davidson

Senior surgeon

Belle veu cross hospital

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