Party Invitation Letter


A party invitation letter is written to extend an invitation to party guests. The letter is written to give a more personal invitation than using standard party invitation cards. The letter can be slightly different for every invited guest bearing information of the party. This letter can also be a formal and informal one, it is based on the recipient. When you are a business person and you are hosting a party, you will generally invite business people hence in that situation it should be a formal party invitation letter.

As it is an invitation letter the letter should contain the details of when the party will be held and where it will be held and at what time it will be. In the end, mention that the recipient presence is must and it makes you feel happy.

Sample Party Invitation Letter:


Bryan Nicholson

549 Grand Mall Avenue,

Oakland, ME 08873

Date: January 3, 2017


Henry Malcolm,

933 Park Street,

Oakland, ME 04933

Hi Henry

RE: Invitation to Party

The New Year is here! Since we are now back to College, the Alpha Mega Society is planning to conduct a party hence we are throwing a ‘Welcome Back’ party for all ArtSci students. So I on behalf of Alpha Mega Society request you to come to the party. Details are as follows:-

Date: January 15, 2017

Venue: Goldie Hall

Time:  Starting 8 pm

Dress code: casual

Others: BYOB

We are planning to have this occasion from a very long time and now we are very happy to announce that our College Administrators have approved permission for this occasion. So now is the time to have some fun. Every ArtSci student is invited and there is no particular process to join the party just flash your student card at the door and you can enter the party zone. As this party is being organized by us there is no need for you to pay money and as we are organizing the party all the students can come and can have a joyful time in the party.

Your safety is assured, Bouncer Joe will be there to handle the crowd, as well as the college student patrol. As we have very less time, we are inviting as many students as possible so if we have missed anyone please spread the word around in case if someone not get this invite. Let’s start this year with a bang! Do not miss this party because we may never get a chance afterwards as we will get on with our studies. Stay cool.

See you there!

Bryan Nicholson

Alpha Mega President

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