Parking Fine Appeal Letter

Parking fine appeal letterIntroduction

A parking fine appeal letter is usually written by an offender, who has received a parking fine for wrongful parking. Everybody owns a car nowadays and nearly all public places have no parking space available on weekends. The people who own car have no other option other than to park their cars on the road which of course causes a traffic jam. Traffic annoys those who actually have to travel and because of that, strict laws have been made to punish those who park their cars in the ‘no parking zone’.

Sometimes it’s not the fault of the offender too. He has some urgent work and he finds no space so he parks his car, or maybe there is no ‘no parking zone’ sign and he has mistaken it to be a parking space.The offender writes this letter to appeal for a lower fine citing a good reason for a kind consideration. The letter should be polite and humble in its structure and should appeal the authorities. The reason should be mentioned and the offender should promise, not to repeat such mistake in the future.

Sample Letter


Sylvester K. Lee,

2897 Perry Street,
Pontiac, MI 48342

February 12, 2011


Atlanta Council,

2913 Bloomer Street,

Atlanta, GA 33558

Subject: Parking fine appeal

Dear Sir,

RE: Parking fine appeal

I am writing this letter in response to the receipt of a parking fine from your esteemed council, in a letter dated January 30, 2011, for an unpaid parking at the Foster Street in Atlanta on January 22, 2011.

I would very humbly like to appeal for a lower parking fine, as I was on a business trip to Atlanta on that day. I was not familiar with the parking regulations of Atlanta and I chose to park in the first available space that I found near my appointment, as I was already late. There was no officer available that time and I could see many other cars parked over there. I couldn’t really make out that it wasn’t a parking space. I was levied the fine on that day itself but since I was there in Atlanta for work purposes, I sincerely forgot about the parking fees. I am in no way justifying the wrong I did, I am just pleading for a more considerate behavior as I was new to the place.

I hope for a favorable response from the council as I do not travel to Atlanta very frequently. Also, if you could be kind enough to advice me, the way I can settle the parking payment from Pontiac. With this, I also have 1 more appeal, that is, If you could appoint an all time officer there for helping those who are new to the place or maybe clearly mention that it is a ‘no parking zone’, many people would benefit.

Thank you.

Yours truly,

Sylvester Lee

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