Parents Permission Letter


It is legally correct for children to have the approval of their parents for the things they do up to the age of eighteen. So it is important for the child to ask the parents’ permission for no matter what they do. It is easy to get permission for small things like going out for a few hours or buying something that they want, but some things are harder to get permission for. Thus, it is better to write a permission letter and convince the parents than just verbally to ask for permission.

A parent’s permission letter is written to ask for permission from the parents to attend any party or go out on a trip where the parents will not be accompanying you. This letter is a crucial letter to write since the parents’ approval is a must for you to do what you want. You need to be careful with words and make them trust you with their permission. Be as nice to them as possible. Remember that the letter should be convincing enough so that the parents grant permission to the child. Also, please note that you should follow everything exactly as you have mentioned in the letter so that your parents would trust you and grant you permission in the future too.

Sample Letter:


Raina J. Davidson

Fellington Colony,

292 McVaney Road
Asheville, NC 28801



Ryan & Mandy Davidson

Fellington Colony,

292 McVaney Road
Asheville, NC 28801

Dear Mom & Dad,

Sub: Permission Letter to attend New Year Service.

I am writing this letter to ask you permission for me to attend the New Year’s Service at Christ the Church with my friend Ron, this Sunday.  We have been planning this day for a very long time, and we have scheduled to attend the service and then stay at Ron’s house for the evening. It will be a very good experience for me since I have never attended a Church service earlier. I promise that I will take care of myself and also keep updating you about my whereabouts. I promise you to reach home at the earliest and would not give any chance of complaint.

I hope you will allow me to attend this service. I will make sure I do not cause any trouble. I promise to not disappoint you with your decision of granting me permission.

Your loving daughter,

Raina J. Davidson


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