Parental Leave Letter


A parental leave letter is written when a mother or father-to-be takes a leave from their work so that they can prepare things for their next child and also take care of it for some time before going back to work. When a child is born, it needs special care from both the mother and father. The government understands this, and so it is mandatory for every place of work to give paid parental leave to the applicant after checking if the application is genuine.

Most commonly, parental leave is taken by the mother because it is the mother who is giving birth to the baby.A parental leave letter is given by the head at the place of work to ask for a month’s leave or more that should be paid so that the mother or father can take care of the baby who is going to be born in some time soon. This is an official letter, and it should be written formally with the correct format. This letter is often saved for official purposes for future reference, and that is why it is important to have this letter written and signed.

Sample Letter:


Mily Low

35 Lakeview Way



Jamie Davidson

Simpson David Pvt Lmt.

41 Adamsville Road
Laredo, TX 78040

Dear Sir,

I am writing this letter to inform you that as you must have noticed, I am currently pregnant with an eight months old baby. My due date for the birth is two weeks from now, and so I am asked to take special care of myself and the baby. I have written this letter to ask your permission to grant be a maternity leave for three-month which would preferably be paid. I require some time to take care of the newborn, and I also need to find someone to take care of the baby when I get back to work. It will take some time for me to adjust to the new life and get everything going back to normal and so I desperately require this leave.

I hope you will grant me this parental leave and bless my child and me with your good wishes. I hope to join work soon and get everything going normally.

Thanking you,


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