Parent Permission Letter

Parent Permission Letter



A Parent Permission letter is written by the parent to inform the relevant authority or organizer of an event that permission is granted by the parent to the child to participate in the requested event. It can be written in response to a request for a parental permission, or it could be a simple letter by the parent to state his approval. It forms a record of the approval to avoid further issues in the future.

A parent permission letter also serves as a guidelines document for the responsible authority for the children. It mentions any kind of allergies and critical health issues along with the precautions and relevant medication clearly so as to be safe. It moreover is an official document proof declaration of their permission for the particular purpose. It does not only show the permission but also holds either the parent responsible or the authority responsible for any mishaps, subject to the terms and conditions by both the parties.

Sample Letter:

The following is a sample of Parent Permission Letter.


Carrie A. Gamache,

3276 Ralph Drive, Independence Road,

OH 44131.

February 7, 2011


Mr. William Lord,


New Albany High School,

4897 Bernardo Street, New Albany,

IN 47150.

Subject: Permission for Outing.

Dear Sir,

I, parent of Joshua Gary Gamache, am writing to permit my child from Grade 5 of New Albany High School, to join your proposed school outing to the National Science Centre on February 25, 2011. Also I have paid the necessary amount for the outing. Request you to please take care of my child’s allergy to Sulphur as well as Potassium and hence refrain from giving it to him in any form. I also request you to take into consideration his medications for asthma and Vitamin B deficiency. I have packed the medicines in a safety kit in his bag.

I understand that the outing is part of an educational program in the children’s curriculum. I trust that the organizers have made sufficient plans for the group’s safety and welfare.

I shall drop my son, Joshua Gamache, at the school on the said day of the outing by 7 am, and will pick him up at 6 pm, as notified in the outing circular. Attached is my contact number for your convenience, if there is a need. I understand that hereby the responsibility of my child lies with you. However you may contact me anytime for support, help and in the case of emergency, my mobile number is 9032824964.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Carrie Gamache

Contact no.: 9932839483

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