Outstanding Payment Letter

Outstanding Payment Letter


An outstanding payment letter is written to inform the debtor of an amount that is overdue. The letter is written to request for quick settlement of the outstanding amount. Courtesy is exercised in the first couple of reminders, but harsher actions can be taken if no affirmative action is undertaken by the recipient of an outstanding payment letter but one should try to figure out the situation of the customer before taking any further actions. Maintain a polite and courteous tone throughout the letter without insulting the customer.

Keep the letter as short as possible and attach a copy of the outstanding invoice for the knowledge of the customer. Have a look at this outstanding payment letter to get an insight idea to write it for your own client/ customer.

Sample Letter

The following is the sample letter of Outstanding Payment Letter.



Accounts Officer,

Credit Card Center,

Grand Central Bank,

143 Rainbow Drive, Wooster, London



Henry Moore,

4809 O Conner Street,

Gulfport, MS 39501, London.

Subject: – Regarding payment overdue.

Dear Mr. Moore,

We are very grateful to have customers like you. However, from our records, you have an outstanding amount of $850.40 from last month (the details of the outstanding invoices are attached along with this letter). Perhaps it has slipped your mind to settle this amount in the midst of your busy schedule. If that is the case, allow us to request for a prompt settlement of the said amount at any of our branch by the end of this week to avoid interest charges.

If this reminder crossed with your payment on your outstanding amount, kindly accept our sincere apologies and ignore this letter. We thank you for your prompt settlement and wish you success in your business dealings. For any confusions feel free to contact us at +79-963852 or drop your email at centralcardcenter@clients.com.

Good day to you! Thank you for being a loyal card holder of Grand Central Bank.

Yours Sincerely,

David A. McCarter

Accounts Officer, Credit Card Center,

Grand Central Bank,

Wooster, London.

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