Order Letter

Order Letter


Companies and retailers place orders regularly to meet their need for goods. Orders are usually placed by sending a request via mail or telephone. If you are writing an order letter to place the orders, then you should be cautious about a few things.  An Order message can be given to a company from an individual or another company that wants to place an order for goods or services from the recipient of the letter. The letter should contain specific details of the order to ensure the right delivery. Terms and conditions can be listed or attached for further clarifications.

The letter should be simple and to the point. There is no need for unnecessary elaboration and the specific details required should be mentioned correctly. The order letter can be viewed in a way as a request, so the letter has to be written accordingly.

Sample Letter


Harry Benson,

Steels and Metals Enterprise,

4022 Wyecroft Road,
Burlington, ON L7R 3X7



Kevin H. Radley,

Bulk Orders Enterprise,

Stadtplatz 17,

Subject:  Order Letter of Goods

Dear Mr. Radley,

As we had a deal over the phone, our company is in need of metal products at specific amounts as mentioned in the order slip attached with this mail. Kindly note the different quantum of each product mentioned in the attached list and the various due dates. It is crucial to note this information as there are only on-going and upcoming projects that Steels and Metals Enterprise has committed to which require your ready supply of products. As this order is urgent and this is our peak season of business, we request you to co-operate with us with an on time delivery. Also, please note that there will be a penalty charge on late deliveries as agreed in our contract of service, which is valid until YYYY. The quality of the delivered material will be thoroughly checked, and if it doesn’t fit our standards, it will be sent back without any notice. Kindly co-operate with us during this season of hectic business.

If you have further queries on our order list, kindly contact us for further clarification; otherwise, I trust that everything is in good order. I once again request you to make the delivery properly without delay.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Harry Benson

Production Manager


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