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Marketing is a staple part of business, used to promote or raise awareness about their products, new or old. There are various outlets that companies use as a medium to promote their products such as door to door marketing, at events and even via ads on different platforms. In depth analysis goes into the way such products are marketed, having to track and predict consumer response and trends among buyers. In certain cases, companies may inform specific targets such as previous customers or those looking for a product similar to theirs.

This Online Marketing Letter is used to inform a company of a new product introduced by contacting them directly. Such a letter delves into the specifics of the product that they seek to sell and how it fairs compared to others in the industry, listing its advantages and all relevant details that the potential customer may require.

Sample Letter:

The following is a sample of an Online Marketing Letter.



Rick Flag

Chief Executive

SSE Enterprise


23rd November 2016



John Batista

Sales Manager

ABC Corp

Subject: New Product Release

Dear Mr. Flag,

It pleases me to no end to inform you that our computing system, which has been in development for over two years is finally ready for release to the public market, and as one of our premier customers, we feel obligated to inform you before the specs are released to the public.

The Central Processing Unit, which we call Prometheus-7 is a start of the art CPU which can handle the computing and processing workload of up to twelve different computers and is a revolutionary tool for companies that want to cut costs without having to sacrifice performance. The CPU has an internal cooling system which ensures that the performance and heavy workload doesn’t damage the internal periphery and is designed with a state of the art heat sink to ensure optimal cooling. The CPU comes attached with 128 gigabytes of RAM and fitted with eight solid state hard drives, each with a capacity of 128 Gigabytes to ensure high performance when it comes to loading and booting the system. The storage is custom made, depending on the demands of the client and can be built from 10 TB up to 100 TB, and comes with a lot more features, the details of which are present in the brochure.

For any further queries or pre-booking, please feel free to contact our office or toll-free number at your leisure and we can get back to you immediately.

Yours  Sincerely,

John Batista

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