Official Resignation letter

Official Resignation letter


In every person’s life, there is a point in one’s career where they have to leave an organization. This may be due to any reason, be it a better offer at another place, starting one’s own business, etc. It is the duty of the person, in such a case, to write to the employer regarding the same informing them about the reason for resignation and also thanking the employers for the work experience gained from them. It is necessary to give a formal letter some time before the actual date of resignation. Four is done so that the employers can find suitable substitute or candidate for the job.

An Official Resignation letter is a letter of resignation that is submitted by an employee who wants to resign from his current job. An official resignation letter is one that is given to the management formally informing them of your final decision to resign from the company’s employment. There is no reverting from this decision once the letter is submitted.

Sample Letter:

The following is a Sample of Official Resignation Letter.



Harry Smith

Systems Analyst

Computer Department

Top Technology Corporation





Mr. Joe Delaney

Human Resource Department

Top Technology Corporation


Dear Sir,

RE: Job Resignation

With this letter, I at this moment tender my resignation officially from the post of Systems Analyst with effect from DD/MM/YYYY.

As discussed earlier in our correspondence dated DD/MM/YYYY, I had already made known my intention to resign from the company a month ago to my Department Head, Mr. Gary  Leag Thomson. After a detailed discussion and time to reconsider his advice, I regret to inform you of my final decision to resign.

My prospects of getting a promotion for the next two years seemed bleak, and I have wished for a transfer to Pune to be with my family. The opportunity arose in the form of a job offer by a company primarily based in Pune, Maharashtra.

I am thankful for the support, advice, and learning while I was at Top Technology Corporation during the past 4 years. The management and my Department Head have been my mentors. I have learned valuable lessons which have made me a better person as well as an employee.

I apologize for any inconvenience caused by my resignation, and I am willing to train up my successor on the systems under my responsibility before I leave.

Please advise me of other needful exit procedures by Top Technology.

Thank you.

Yours Sincerely,

Harry Smith

Systems Analyst

Staff Id: TTC9382

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