Official letter

Official letter


An Official Letter is the most common and widely used form of communication when it comes to formal, corporate and official work. Such letters represent a physical, hard proof that such a form of communication occurred. These letters can be written to address issues that are related to certain authorities’ jurisdiction such as licenses, loans, official documents and monetary matters with the recipients being authorities in those matters such as the government, government agencies, companies, judiciary and higher institutions of learning.

The letter is normally formal in its format and hence must adhere to all the necessary guidelines. This kind of letter must be brief and concise, skimming over the points that need to be addressed without delving into a very detailed description. The contents of the letter must exhibit professionalism in both the specifics of the content as well as the language used by the writer. When writing an official letter, one must also make sure to avoid errors to avoid any misunderstandings.

Sample Letter:

The following is a sample of an Official Letter.



New York City Hall

845 Geraldine Lane

New York, NY 10004





Juan D. Divine

3898 Ridge Road

New York, NY 10005


Subject: Garbage Collection


Dear Sir / Madam,

On behalf of the residents of 22nd District, I am writing this letter to protest over the poor garbage collection in our district over the past few weeks. The garbage has been piling up despite repeated telephone calls to your administration office. The stench is permeating the homes of residents in the district which is affecting our health and sleep. The stray dogs and cats are having a field time rummaging through the garbage.

I don’t think that you need any advice on the dangers of standing garbage near residential sectors with dumps being festering cesspools of diseases and pathogens. We have already had a few cases of residents, especially children being affected by the state of things.  We, the residents of 22nd District, hope to see prompt action taken upon receipt of this letter so that we will have the peace of mind again in this neighborhood. The collection service before this was commendable and we this is the only reason why the residents haven’t decided to take any legal notice.

Below please find the list of 57 residents’ names and their respective signatures, making this urgent request. If no action is taken promptly, the 22nd District residents have no choice but to resort to the media and push for legal proceedings.

Thank you for your prompt action.

Yours Sincerely,

Residents of 22nd District

New York

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