Official Condolence Letter


When facing death, especially of a near and dear one, the strongest and the bravest of people become weak in the face of death. It is a cycle of life which no matter how much one wishes to do away with stays with us. When confronted with the death of a loved one, nothing but time can heal the void left in place of the person who has departed, but sometimes, seeing others and their support gives strength to bear the immeasurable loss.

When an employee or co-worker has lost a near and dear one to death, a letter expressing sorrow for their loss and solidarity with them during their time of need is very important. This not just comforts the person who has lost a loved one but also builds loyalty in employees. The letter may be short, but the message of support is important. The letter should also mention that the employee need not worry about their job or work as it will be taken care if till they are ready to come back to work.

Sample Letter:

The following letter is a sample of an Official Condolence Letter.



Thomas Peters

Human Resource Head

X Y Z Ltd

1980 Nest StreetSaint Louis, MO 63101

Saint Louis, MO 63101





James Hancock

2-11 Hawks Apartments

2247 Washington AvenuePhoenix, AZ 85012

Phoenix, AZ 85012


Subject: Condolence letter


Dear Sir,

We are deeply saddened by the news of the death of our beloved employee Mr. Avery K Hancock. Your father was a brilliant man who will always be remembered. He had been a part of the X Y Z Ltd company since it was inception twenty-six years ago. He had been a pillar of strength for us and a morale booster when the going got tough. With his pleasant smile, he used to relax all the new employees on their first day, one such employee being myself.

The loss created by his departure from this world has not just created a void in the company but also our hearts. His dedication and honesty are principles we shall all live by and remember him through.

We understand that nothing can lessen the pain and agony you and your family must be going through at present, but please know that you are in our thoughts and prayers. We at X Y Z Ltd are not just a company but a family, and we would be there for you too.

I know that the responsibility of the family now falls on your shoulders. If you need a job or any help what so ever, please do contact me.


Thomas Peters

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