Office Leave Letter


An office leave letter is written by an employee of the employer in case the employee wants to take a leave from the office for a few days. There is a particular work assigned to every employee in any office. Therefore, it is the duty of the employee to inform the head before hand in case he needs a leave for any reason and would not be able to complete his scheduled work. The employee could be asking for leave because of some reasons. He could request a leave in case of a family emergency or a vacation. When an employee asks for leave for parental issues, it is called a parental leave, and it is usually asked by to-be parents.

A leave letter is submitted to the office, and it might be used for future reference. Therefore, it is important that it is written in the correct format and with politeness.

Sample Letter:


Lucy Whitney Marks

2309 Watermark Road

Wedgwood, TX 76133




Fullerton College of Arts & Drama

3525-A Avenue

Edmonton, AB T5J 0K7 OP

Dear Sir/Madam,

RE: Leave Letter

I am writing this letter to inform you that I want a leave for five days due to a family emergency. My father-in-law got sick last night, and so we had to immediately rush him to the hospital. The doctors say that his condition is very critical and at this point, I can not afford to show any negligence to him and so I would want a week’s off from the University duties. This is the first time I am asking for more than 2 leave days, and I hope to make up these days in the coming classes by teaching more efficiently. There will be a lot of people visiting my family in these few days, so I also request you to give me some more time to correct the answer papers of the students. If that is not possible, I will hand over the papers tomorrow for someone else to correct it so that it is completed on time.

I hope that you understand my situation and bear with me.

Thanking You,

Lucy W. Marks

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