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While working in a team for an organization or as business partners, giving suggestions to one another is always encouraged. It leaves space for discourse to happen- the kind of discourse which is not only healthy but also necessary for your business to flourish.

In any business model, there are various stake holders involved. To name a few- supplier, retailer, distributor, etc. However, in this hierarchy, people belonging to any stage can advise the other. The sample letter given below aims to provide insight into a written form of communication that can be used to convey the advice or suggestion you intend on an offering. Regardless of this letter being intended for your senior or junior, the writer must remember to always maintain a tone of respect. This is not only courteous but also lays the basis for effective communication to take place between the two parties involved.



African Office

Building 8

Cotnou -2627642


Indian Office



Subject: Suggestion Letter

Respected Sir,

For all the years that our company has been in business, you have been our primary supplier for raw materials. The Indian office deals in the import as well as the export of textiles to and fro Indian and African nations. These textiles come from various cities in India and then is transported to African countries via water ways. This is the business model that we have been operating on for the past several years.

However, to remain at the top of our game, every company has to reinvent. It is necessary to evolve to keep up with the changing times, which is why I feel, you being are supplier of raw materials should be kept in the loop of an upcoming business model.

We hope to expand beyond our typical business and textiles to goods such as biscuits and chocolates. Now, we understand that this is not your forte, but with time and networking, I am sure that we will be just as successful with our new venture, just like we were with all our old ones.

I request you to get in touch with your friends in the F&B industry and find out where exactly we can procure this raw material from.

This is a suggestion I urge you to follow. The future of our company hinges on this. I understand it is risky, but I am sure it is a risk we should be willing to take. Do get back to me with your thoughts.

Thank you

Vinky Kumar

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