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Religion is an extremely sensitive topic. It is a faith, belief, a practice which defines the lives of people around the globe. Taking India only into consideration, the nation of 1.2 billion people harbors a multitude of religions, and therefore such a topic must be treated with extreme care.

In the case of a religious conflict, the only thing that can resolve or lesser the catastrophic impact of the conflict is peaceful negotiations. This can be done by writing a letter to the religious leader of a particular group by appealing to their sentiments and the righteous path their holy texts profess.  Since this is an issue of extreme contention, the letter must maintain as polite a tone as possible. Resolutions must be led through diplomatic talks where both sides of the situation are taken into consideration. The sample letter below is an individual leader approaching the leader of a religious group.



Father Viserys

St. Church

Rex Avenue




Ashish Shah

34 Flats

Rex Road


Subject: Advice for Religious Conduct

Respected Father,

In times of crisis, we all seek the light of our lords. I write to you today, with a heavy heart. With all due respect father, in lieu of the recent Gorakhpur Hospital Tragedy, I feel like as followers of father we are obligated to do something.

I can not possibly fathom what the parents of the lives lost are going through. It is truly traumatic for kids, babies who have not committed any sin to be punished in the form of death that too at such a young age. Losing so many innocent lives is a tragedy.

We may not be able to lessen their pain, but we can help the parents by providing them with our support. Father, I would like to conduct a mass this Saturday at your church at 9 pm. I would like to light a candle for the lives of all children lost. We must pray for their well being and a speedy recovery for those who were on the brink of losing their lives.

We can provide solace to all parents involved as well. We could get them to unburden themselves by talking to us, by providing them with a shoulder to cry on.

In times like these, our religious differences do not matter. What matters is us being there for each other for the sake of humanity. Please let me know if something can be arranged at the earliest.

Thank you

Ashish Shah

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