Offer Letter


Offer letter can be of various kinds, either an offer for a job or for an offer to buy a certain product or for any other issue. The contents of an offer letter should lay down what exactly is expected from the reader. This letter should be void of ambiguity. It should focus on getting the reader to accept the proposal as soon as they are done with the reading. This letter need not necessarily talk about a particular thing but can include other offers as well.

This letter must be brief and precise as it is essential of a formal nature. An offer letter must entail the time limit for which the offer is valid. Also, the writer must keep in mind that there is no false and misleading content that are jotted down in the letter as neither will it be a betrayal for the one who accepts the offer but also decreases the writer’s goodwill in the market.

Sample letter:

Given below is the sample of an offer letter:


Vivaldi and Vivaldi Associates,

Huffington road.



Brew Hoppie,

Kingfishers Avenue,


Subject: Offer letter for a job

Dear Sir,

This is to bring to your notice that Vivaldi and Vivaldi Associates is looking for an Acting manager to handle all the works of Vivaldi and Vivaldi Associates for the span of two years due to the unfavorable health conditions of our present manager, Dr. Pramod Desai. He has been a constant support for our company and more importantly has served as our backbone. Although it is kind of impossible for us to find an alternative for him, we still are looking for someone who could give their heart and soul to the company to take it further and make it reach the highest pinnacle. Vivaldi and Vivaldi Associates has a team of highly skilled employees who come together each day with the one and only goal of helping the multitude by their works.

As you may know, how important it is for a company as huge as Vivaldi to have a manager in place, we have sent a job offer in your name to hold things in place. Having seen all your past experiences in your curriculum vitae and the dedication that you put in your work is perfect for the position. Before you take any decision, we are also willing to extend an exclusive chance for you to work with us for a trial period of a month, so that you become well versed with how things work out here. We are looking forward to hearing a positive response from you.

Thanking you,


Vivaldi and Vivaldi Associates.


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