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An Offer Job letter is a letter sent by a company to offer a job to one of the successful job applicants. Whenever there is any vacancy for a job position, a huge number of suitable candidates apply for the same. Selection of a candidate is a long process. So, after all the necessary procedure i.e., written test, group discussion and interview, the candidates are asked to wait while they select the most appropriate candidate for the job. Once the company has made their decision regarding the same, a letter is sent to the candidate, to inform him about the same. It is known as an Offer Job Letter.

An Offer Job Letter offers congratulations and information pertaining to the job offer, such as the position, responsibilities and salary. The letter can also include date of commencement, should the successful job candidate accept the offer. It is a formal letter and must be typed rather than sending a handwritten letter.


Sample :

The following is the sample of Offer Job Letter.


Dylan Sprite,


Recruitment Department,

General Merchandising Enterprise,

1123 Kildare Street
Redmond, WA 94453

20 January 2017


Jenny Danson,

2691 Sherman Street,
Lecompton, KS 66050

Dear Ms. Danson

Subject : Job Offer Letter

Congratulations! On behalf of General Merchandising Enterprise, I am extremely delighted to inform you that you have been selected for the post of Store Manager at the Lecompton outlet of GME. Many candidates had applied for this job, but your profile matched our requirements.

As per discussions during our interview, you will be responsible to manage the Lecompton outlet efficiently to meet its monthly, half-yearly and yearly KPIs. You will report to Mr. Derek Houston, GME Branch Manager, who is at the Headquarters in Redmond.

As a store Manager, your starting salary will be at $3,500 per month until you pass your probation period of 3 months. During this time, you shall be told what you need to do and will be monitored closely. On completion of 3 months of the probation period, your employment shall be confirmed only on the basis of your performance. Once your employment is confirmed, you shall be eligible for various other benefits provided by the organisation to its employees.

Should you accept this job offer, please report to work on January 25, 2017, at 9 AM at the GME Lecompton. Mr. Sherman, the current store manager, will brief you on your duties.

GME welcomes you into our organization.
Thanking You

Yours Sincerely,

Dylan Sprite


Recruitment Department

General Merchandising Enterprise

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