Offer Acceptance Letter


An Offer Acceptance letter is submitted by the successful job applicant to the company to notify the company of his acceptance of the job offered. It is a good practice to inform the business of your acceptance to the job so that the company is prepared to welcome you besides getting a good impression of your responsible nature. The letter should be formal one as you will address a higher individual or a company.

In addition to those you can also ask or enquire about the pay scale, the number of hours you should work, the attire you should wear to work. You can also ask whether you have to bring any documents or certificates on the day of joining. You can mention the date when you will join or if the date is given in the offer letter you can say that you will join on the given date. In the end, mention that you will strive hard for the company’s profit and welfare as well as mention you are grateful for the opportunity.

Sample Offer Acceptance Letter:


Henry Mayer

19 Oak Street
Oakland, ME 03223

Oakland, ME 03223



Ms. Jane Montgomery

Human Resource Manager

MBA Works Enterprise

1153 Main Boulevard

San Francisco, CA 9870

Dear Ms. Montgomery

Re: Acceptance of Job Offer

Thank you for your quick response to my job application letter dated DD/MM/YYYY. I am pleased to inform you that I shall be delighted to accept your job offer of Junior Accountant in your prestigious firm, MBA Works Enterprise. I have heard a lot about your company, and I am happy that I got a chance to work in your company. I will be able to start work on DD/MM/YYYY, at your headquarters in San Francisco. I will report to work at 9 am on that day. I am agreeable to the terms and conditions that you have mentioned in the interview and your offer letter.

Before joining I want to know about some of the details such as what is the pay scale and are they any incentives that I will be getting along with the basic pay. What are the office working hours and the attire I should wear to work? What are the number of leaves allowed in a year? Brief information about what I should do in the office and also the papers that are needed while I attend the office on the first day. I request you to send all these details to me through a mail on I look forward to contributing effectively to MBA Works Enterprise. Thank you for your trust and belief in me to take me on in MBA Works Enterprise. I shall not disappoint you or the company. Thank you.

Yours truly,

Henry Mayer.

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