Letter of Acknowledgment


A letter of acknowledgment is written by the sender to acknowledge the receipt of information or item from the recipient. An acknowledgment of a recipient is necessary to confirm that the intended delivery is successful between the parties. Further action can be followed on from the receipt of the said item. These letters are highly significant, and it is considered rude to not acknowledge the receipt of the said item. Depending upon your relationship with the recipient, the letter can be both formal as well as informal.

Nevertheless, structure your letter accordingly, comprising of an introduction, the main body, and a conclusion. Keep your letters short and brief. In the introduction part of your essay, state the reason for your letter. Do not forget to introduce yourself if you are writing the letter on behalf of somebody else. If you are willing to, share more details of your acknowledgment in your following paragraphs. This letter can sometimes act as a legal document as well.

Sample Letter

The following is a sample of a letter of acknowledgment.


Angelo Tiller,

Accounts Department,

Core Metals Industry,

163 Smith Street,

Honolulu, HI 96813.



Earl Samuel,

Managing Director,

Golden Enterprise,

114 Princess Street,

Kingston, ON K7L 1C2.

Subject: Acknowledgment of Payment

Dear Sir,

Greetings from the Core Metals Industry! We hope this letter finds you in the best of health.

On behalf of Core Metals Industry, I am very much pleased to acknowledge the receipt of your payment in the mail on DD/MM/YYYY. We are extremely grateful to you for the prompt settlement of the goods delivered to Golden Enterprise as per invoice CM28301 dated DD/MM/YYYY. It is truly a pleasure to serve customers as promptly as you are, Sir.

This letter serves to acknowledge the receipt of your cheque, with reference number: MBB 928192, of amount $3900 for the full settlement of the above said invoice. With this payment, there is no outstanding amount by Golden Enterprise to Core Metals Industry. We also hope that you have received your purchased goods, as they had been shipped a week earlier itself.

Thank you for using Core Metals Industry products.  We are truly pleased, and we feel privileged to have served a customer like you.  For any further information required, please don’t hesitate to call us at 34543857934853. Please do keep in touch with us to know more about our exclusive discounts and offers. We look forward to continued frequent patronage from your end in the future.
Thanking You

Yours sincerely,

Angelo Tiller

Head Accountant

Core Metals Industry


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