Nursing Resignation Letter

Nursing Resignation Letter


In every person’s life, there is a point in their career where they have to leave an organisation. This may be due to any reason, be it a better offer at another place,etc. It is the duty of that person, in such a case, to write to the employer regarding the same. It is necessary to give a formal letter some time before the actual date of resignation. This is done so your present employers can find a suitable substitute or candidate for the job. Like any other professional, a nurse is also required to hand in her letter of resignation to the employers. The letter should be handed in before the actual date of resignation, giving the employers adequate time to find a suitable replacement.

A Nursing resignation letter is a letter written by a nurse who wishes to resign from her employment at her workplace. He or she has to inform her superior or the management of her intention to resign while giving a plausible reason for the same. The letter should be courteous and professional to avoid any hard feelings between both parties.

Sample Letter



Kelly Dean

Assistant Staff Nurse

Good Shepherd Hospital

10 February  2017


Mary Jones

Head Matron

Good Shepherd Hospital

Subject: Resignation Letter

Dear Ma’am

I, Kelly Dean regret to inform you that I am submitting this letter as my notice of resignation, with effect from February 28, 2017.

From our discussion last week of my career prospects at Good Shepherd Hospital, it was generally concluded that there is no possibility of promotion in the next two years, following the company’s recent freeze on promotions and increments.

I have also been offered a better nursing position at another medical care environment and after much deliberations and considerations, I have decided to make a career move. I regret to inform you of my final decision to quit the Good Shepherd Hospital.

Please permit me to thank you for your kind support and advice during my work tenure at Good Shepherd Hospital. You have been a great mentor and guide to me. Your care and diligence towards all the patients as well as the nurses under you is commendable and inspires me every day to strive to work hard and provide better care to all the patients under my supervision.  I also appreciate you for all that you have taught me throughout my tenure. You have been most kind and understanding. If I ever come to back in the city, I will surely look you up.

Thanking you

Yours Sincerely

Kelly Dean

Assistant Staff Nurse

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