Nursing Letter of Recommendation

Nursing letter of Recommendation


A Nursing letter of recommendation is written by an individual or health care agency in recommending a nursing aide to another who requires such services. As health care is important to nurse an individual from poor health, a nursing letter of recommendation is crucial to ensure the best nursing aide. It is a formal letter which is written to someone you don’t know. It is written to assure the receiver of the competence of the nurse so that his/ her mind is at rest.

Sometimes people require at home nurses and ask for a recommendation for the same. The letter has to be polite and should clearly mention the reason why the sender is recommending that particular nurse. Nursing is a crucial profession. One can provide the details of the nurse and where she/ he could be contacted. Re-check for any discrepancies or any errors while writing the nurse’s details or grammatical errors.

Sample Letter

The following is a sample of the same.


Matron Maria Josef,

Lovely Home Health Care Centre,

889 Seventh Avenue,
San Diego, CA 98893

February 7, 2011


Ralph R. Fernandez,

3298 County Line Road,
St Petersburg, FL 33701

Subject: Nursing Recommendation

Dear Sir,

I received your letter yesterday requesting for a nursing aide recommendation, I am pleased to respond to the recommendation of Nurse Jill Williams.

Nurse Williams is a well-qualified nursing aide with six years of industrial experience and five years of home recuperation exposure. She is highly recommended by her references. I believe that Nurse Williams will be most suited to assist Mrs. Fernandez in nursing her back to good health from her current ailments.

Nurse Williams has physiotherapy skills and diet recommendations for nursing a health patient back to good health. I am sure you will be delighted with her service and professionalism. Attached herewith is her resume along with her references. She has a remarkable experience is diligent in her duty.

If you wish I could set up a meeting with her and you could decide for your own. She can be contacted at 232433 and regularly works at the health care center from nine am to six pm, so you drop by the center during the time.

If you are interested in engaging Nurse Jill Williams for a home care service, kindly contact me at my office for the detailed arrangements. I will be pleased to be of any assistance to you. Hoping for your wife’s quick recovery.

Thanking you.

Respectfully yours,

Matron Maria Josef

Lovely Home Health Care Centre


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