Notice Of Termination Letter


More often than not, employees in a competitive environment are often on thin ice when it comes to their performance and demeanor towards others. If an employee’s performance is in a downward spiral for an extended duration or if they’ve committed heinous acts towards other colleagues, the company will have no chance but to take strict action and terminate them.

In such cases, the accepted method of communication is via a formally written letter which informs the recipient that they have been relieved of their service. The letter must have a polite tone, despite the nature of the letter and must not belittle or antagonize the reader. It must be brief and to the point, containing all the relevant details about the termination and clearing of accounts if needed. The contents should be precise and clear, without any wording that can be interpreted differently as it could lead to issues down the line.

Sample Letter:

The following is a sample of a Notice Of Termination Letter.



Karen Lee

Sr. Accountant

VBC Solutions


2nd August 2015



Lionel Spencer

HR Manager

VBC Solutions


Subject: Letter of Termination


Dear Ms. Karen,

I regret to inform you that in light of your recent issues and altercations with members of your department and the logistics division, the management has no chance but to terminate your contract with the company immediately.

Office harmony and a positive working atmosphere is something that our company espouses above all else, and strict action is liable against those who break this rule. We cannot continue to overlook your quarrels and disruptions despite your consistently satisfactory performance. After receiving several dozens of complaints demanding action to be taken against you and the management has decided for the benefit of the company, you must be relieved of your duty immediately.

Your toxic outbursts at your subordinates and the secretarial staff were overlooked due to your performance, but given how this became the norm, the management had no choice but to terminate you. Please empty your office before the end of the week and clear any dues that the company may owe before you depart as well. If you require any documents such as a letter of recommendation, please contact the HR department, and it shall be provided to you.

We wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors on behalf of the entire company and thank you for association with our company.

Yours Sincerely,

Lionel Spencer

HR Manager



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