Non Profit Fundraising Letter


A nonprofit fund raising letter is a letter that sticks to raising money for a good or rather a noble cause. It is one such letter that not only enables a person to work but it gives a person to be emotionally involved with the same. This letter must include the cause of action, i.e., whether the letter is for working for the betterment of women or children or absolutely some kind of other reason. It can also be for making a pandal down your lane. It means that money is asked for some purpose and that profits would not be made out of it.

This letter must ideally be of a regular character and must stick to only what’s important rather than beat around the bush. It must be short and precise. Also mention the exact amount that one is looking for to conclude their project.



Ms. Alicia Warden

4, chicken street

Mahishmathan, Vellore

14th December 2017


Sub: a collection of funds for the work purposes of our NGO.


Dear Madam,

This is to bring to your notice that we, at Purvanchal Pratha Yojna work for the progress of the tribal people who live in the rural parts of India. We provide computers and other essential appliances for the development of people. Not just that, we make sure they have electricity for such purposes. It is easy to live when we have all the comforts; we do not realize how lucky we are unless we see how tough life is for our brothers and sisters who live in such piteous conditions. We are organizing a fund raising campaign on this Wednesday right in front of your apartment to cater to the shortfall that has been created because of some problems within our organization. If we live in such good conditions, it is a good thing that we should join hands to work for those who are in dire need of all the help that we have to offer to them.

In fact, this having been said, I would like you to do some thinking about joining? Our organization because like they say, the more people we make aware, the faster we reach our goal. Lastly, I want to assure you, ma’am, which your money will be in safe hands. It will not be misused. I’m hoping for you to offer some help.

Thanking you

Yours sincerely

Pratibha Sheikh.


Purvanchal? Pratha Yojna


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