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Awards are mementos of achievements, good work, and contribution to a cause awarded by various institutions worldwide. While some may be limited to international accomplishments, there is no shortage of awards that are given locally in cities or even offices. Usually, such events are presided over by a jury of judges appointed by the organizers of the awards who select a candidate based on merit and what makes their achievements stand out compared to others. In given situation, individuals with a respected opinion can contribute to nominees who they feel deserve recognition if the judges haven’t already chosen them.

In such instances, the person has to write a Nomination Letter to nominate a candidate whose actions and achievements are deserving of recognition by the committee. The letter must be brief and concise, giving a succinct summary of the candidate what sets him/her apart from the rest and why their achievements ought to be considered while deciding the winner.

Sample Letter:

The following is a sample of Nomination Letter.



Awards Committee

City Service Council


6th December 2016



Ian St John

1961 Wirral


Subject: Nomination Letter


Respected Sir/Madam

Given my authority to submit a nomination for this year’s lifetime achievement award in service to the city, I would like to put the name of Mr. Ronald Morrie as one of the nominations.

As many of you may be aware, Mr. Morrie runs a charity which helps in the development of the underprivileged youth in the city. He has been running the charity organization for over twenty-five years as of now and has had a massive impact on the upliftment of these children, mostly orphans and those from low-income families.

He has funneled most of his earnings from his business into this endeavor, which has yielded significant results in getting these disenfranchised youth on their feet and help them lead respectable lives in society. His efforts for such a noble and kind cause has received praise from people all over the country, yet not many in our city value his accomplishments as much.

His efforts cannot be understated, and he deserves a lot more recognition from the city council and other authorities. ┬áHe is a kind man, who doesn’t discriminate people based on their standing in society and helps nurture the youth of tomorrow by lending them a helping hand today. I feel that it would tarnish the stature if the Lifetime Achievement Award is such a gentle and wondrous soul was denied this award.

I hope that you will consider my nomination when deciding the winner.

Yours Sincerely,

Ian St. John

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