Noise Complaint Letter, Sample & Format

Noise Complaint LetterA Noise Complaint letter could be written to the landlord by a tenant to complain about some persistent noise in the premise. The complaint about the noise should be written with concise information to state the case correctly to warrant an investigation and appropriate action against the culprits. The letter should be written courteously without accusation.


Frank Peters

2-21 Hawks Apartments

1990 Nest Street
Saint Louis, MO 63101

January 12, 2011


Lori Hancock

Comfort Home Agency

2257 Washington Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85012

Dear Madam

RE: Complaint against Persistent Noises

I would like to bring your attention on the above caption.

There have been persistent partying noises from an apartment above mine. The noises usually happen at the weekends; I know that the folks upstairs may want to hang loose on the weekends but it has been over 4 consecutive weekends that the partying has been happening. Christmas and New Year are over.

The constant vibrations from the blare of the music, floor thumping from the dancing and human chattering are causing me bouts of migraines.

Kindly investigate and take the appropriate action to rectify the issue so that the other tenants and I can enjoy the harmonious living we once had.

I appreciate your prompt action to this complaint.

Yours sincerely,

Frank Peters


Contact No.: 9930-28830

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