No Objection Certificate

A No Objection Certificate, also known as NOC, is a kind of legal document the content of which is not objected on part of the receiver. Such a certificate is usually issued by governmental departments. It may also be issued by other agencies, institutions, organizations or even an individual.

The purpose of the document is to state that no disapproval is being posed in doing a certain kind of act or work.

When writing the certificate, the writer should keep certain things in mind to draft it properly. Crucial information, such as, the name of the organization or individual who is issuing the certificate, the name of the person to whom it is being issued, the reason for which it is being granted, important dates, etc., must be supplied clearly and correctly. The language of the document should be kept simple and mistakes of any kind should not be made.

The following is a sample of No Objection Certificate.

Sample No Objection Certificate

To whomsoever it may concern


This is to certify that Mr. Charles Fernandez is an employee of Unify Business Solutions Pty. Ltd., India. He has been serving our organization as the Senior Project Executive since October 12, 2012, for a basic annual salary of Mr. Fernandez is Rs. 3,75,000.

As is the norm of the organization, every employee, working under a certain position, is required to attend a training of four to six months after the compulsory probation period of six months has been served. Mr. Fernandez has completed the probation period on March 17, 2013, hence, the management has taken the decision to send him for training to the Canadian branch of the organization. The time period of the training has been fixed for a number of four months. The office is located at 1020 Yonge St., Toronto, ON M5T, Canada, under the property name, Unify Business Solutions Pty. Ltd., Branch of Canada. His behavioral conduct is proper as well as professional. Therefore, the organization would like to state that it has no objection in sending Mr. Charles Fernandez to Canada for attending the training.

This No Objection Certificate is being issued on the specific request of the employee, therefore, it will be the responsibility of the employee. This certificate shall not be used for a purpose other than the one mentioned in the document. All the information mentioned in the certificate is true and any facts present in the content have not been misrepresented.

Thanking you.

Yeswanth Chawan,

Chief Executive Officer,

Unify Business Solutions Pty. Ltd.

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