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For a well-organized firm, there is a proper leave policy in place. This leave policy is drafted by the human resources department of the organization in accordance with the company’s working hours, the country’s legal frame work and the total projects the company has under taken.

This leave policy varies from company to company. For example, Some offices may offer to work Saturdays while others do not. The announcement of a new vacation policy should fall along the lines of the existing leave policy of the company. The letter in question concerns the announcement of a new leave policy- maternal leave to be precise. The company through the letter aims to brief all its employees about the specifics of this new maternal leave/ vacation policy offered to all female as well as the male employees of the company/ organization. Refer to the letter given below to write your customized version.

Sample Letter

UC Office

8th Floor

Udyog Vihar, Gurgaon




UC Office

8th Floor

Udyog Vihar, Gurgaon


Subject: New Vacation Policy

To all employees,

As you all are aware, the human resource department of the company rolls out an updated/revised leave policy at the start of every year. Keeping your working hours and the legal frame work in mind the new leave policy for the year YYYY is as follows-

  1. 21 Paid Leaves.
  2. 14 Sick leaves.

This amounts to a total of 35 leaves that each employee is entitled to for the current year, YYYY. The rules regarding the same however remain unchanged. The employee is required to tell his/ her department head about the paid leave a week in advance, only after which can the HR sanction the paid leave the employee.

Our New leave policy regarding maternal leaves is as follow-

  1. All male members are entitled to a total of 7 days of paternal leave. The employee is allowed to take only two such leaves during the total duration of his tenure.
  2. All female employees are entitled to a total of 3 months of maternal leave. This three month is subject to change to 6 months upon the formal declaration of the maternal leave policy by the Supreme Court of India.

All those employees who are expecting are requested to inform the Human Resource Department along with the head of their team about the possibility of a baby a month in advance.

We sincerely thank you for your cooperation. In case any body has any discrepancies or wants an update on their current leaves can feel free to contact anyone from the HR department.

Thank you

Human Resources

UC Office

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