New Salesperson Introduction Letter


A sales person is a person who sells the products and services of the company or firm to the customers. This is the only form of advertising which can convert an inquiry directly into sales on the spot. Selling through sales agents or direct selling is a way of selling in which the salesperson shows the utility, how it is to be used, how to maintain it, etc. It is a costlier method of advertising than the other forms of advertising like advertising through newspapers, TV, etc. In this, the sales person convinces the potential buyer face to face.

People usually do not trust new faces. This causes problems, especially in businesses that depend on one to one interaction with the customers. In such a case, a senior employee or management write a letter to the customer telling the, that the person is a genuine salesman of the company and not some fraudster.This letter is written in a formal tone.

Sample Letter:

This is a sample of the New Sales Person Introduction Letter.



Thomas Peters

X Y Z Ltd

1980 Nest StreetSaint Louis, MO 63101

Saint Louis, MO 63101





James Hancock

A B C Ltd

2247 Washington AvenuePhoenix, AZ 85012

Phoenix, AZ 85012


Subject: Introduction of New Sales Person


Dear Sir,

X Y Z Ltd is a company dedicated to the satisfaction of its esteemed customers. We have had the immense pleasure of doing business with you for the past decade, and it is because of loyal customers like you that we are where we are today. To better serve our customers, we have recruited more sales persons who share our ideas, values, and belief in customer satisfaction. They are all highly knowledgeable and dedicated employees.

This is Mr. James S Anderson who is a recruit as a part of the policy to employee more sales staff to better our services and customer satisfaction. He is part of the team at X Y Z Ltd that does the technical installation, demonstrations at the site as well as servicing of machines on site in case of any problem when the machine is in the warranty period. He is highly qualified and trained for this.

We hope that Mr. James S Anderson and his team of other newly recruited sales persons live up to the standards set by the previous employees. We would be glad to hear from you regarding your feedbacks and ways to improve our services.

Looking forward to many more fruitful years of business with you.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,

James Hancock.

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