New Product Introduction Letter

New Product Introduction letter


A New Product Introduction Letter is a letter written by a company to introduce a new product in the market. The introduction of a new product by the firm can be either to its staff as an internal update, or to the general public, such as the company’s customers and suppliers. Whenever a new product is launched, it is essential that the public is made aware of its existence. This is very vital for the success of not only the product but the company as well.

The New Product Introduction Letter should contain all the relevant information regarding the freshly produced item, such as its price, its distinctiveness, advantages over other products in the market, etc. The letter can also be used to provide information regarding introductory offers, if any, to their existing clients. The letter is a business one and should be written in a formal tone.  The writer must avoid bragging about the product as this can give rise to unnecessary expectations.

Sample Letter

The following is a sample of a New Product Introduction Letter.


Sales and Promotion Department

Synergy Productions

300-Wellington Street,

Springfield, MA 39282,




The Staff

Synergy Productions

300-Wellington Street,

Springfield, MA 39282,


Subject: Introduction of New Product

Dear Staff Members,

Synergy Productions is pleased to introduce to you all to a brand new product which will be released to the market next month, that is, in MM/YYYY. We feel proud to have such creative personnel with us who enables us to come up with successful inventions.

The Production Department seeks your full cooperation in being familiar with this new product, Glow 38, to assist it in its successful marketing. Its official launch shall be on DD/MM/YYYY. The new product details are as follows:

Product Name: Glow 38

Under Brand: Synergy White

Under Category: Health

Description: A health drink that is set to revitalize the energy of the consumer.

Cost: $24.00 per dozen

Contents: Milk, yogurt, cream, sugar

You all are gladly welcome for a trial drink at the Sales and Promotions Lobby next Friday. We believe that the new health drink will be able to meet your expectations and that the efforts of the Production Team shall be acknowledged by you all. We trust that our latest outcome shall prove to be fruitful for the organization as well

Kindly forward your respective comments to the Sales and Promotions Department. Also, if you have any inquiries, you can forward them to the Sales and Promotions Department.

Thanking you.

Yours sincerely,

Sales and Promotion Department

Synergy Productions

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