New Job Congratulation Letter


In today’s world with increasing job opportunities, a person changes the job frequently to search for new challenges. Changing or getting a new job is not an easy task and hence it is worth appreciating. A person who has got a job needs all the motivation and encouragement in order to give his 100% at the work. It is very difficult to balance family and work, hence it is important for a person to set his priorities straight.A new job recommendation letter

A new job recommendation letter can be sent by a close family member, a friend or someone from work too. The nature of the letter if it a formal one or informal depends on the relationship between the sender or the receiver. The tone of the letter must be positive. You must mention how happy you are about it and congratulate the person for the achievement. You must also send your best wishes and blessings to the person for future endeavors.

Sample Letter:

The following is a sample of a new job congratulations letter.


Rajdeep Sardesai,

Pride hall,

Mumbai 908706.

Date: 22nd August 2017.


Kulbhushan Roy,

Garden View,

Thane 609807.


Subject: Congratulations Letter

Dear Kulbhushan,

I recently got the news that you have received an amazing job offer from a reputed company. I am so glad that you have got this opportunity. I have seen how hard you have worked to get this job and finally, all your efforts have paid off. I had told you earlier that have patience and you will be rewarded for it. Now my words come true.

I have seen you grow closely and I have analyzed all your abilities and skills thoroughly while you were working as an intern with me. I could see that you have the aptitude in the field and along with that your willingness to learn is worth appreciating. I am sure that you will work with the same dedication in your new office too.

You have always had a positive attitude and optimistic view in every situation, this will help you immensely in your workplace too. I hope you leave no stone unturned so as to meet up to the expectations of your seniors and to prove yourself. You are a gem of a person and will make a mark in the industry soon.

I wish you all the best for this new beginning. This is just the start and you have a long way to go. Best wishes for your future endeavors. May god bless you.

Yours truly,



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