New Job Announcement letter

New Job Announcement letter


Getting a new job is always a matter of great excitement and general happiness for the person and those around him/her. Given the fierce competition for available jobs in various fields, it is certainly something that ought to be adulated. A new job announcement letter can be written by an individual who shares the good news of a new job secured with the family or close friends. The recipients of the letter are close to the sender who writes to inform them of the exciting new development.

The letter can give some details of the new job and can hold some excitement in its contents. The letter shouldn’t be formal as it is addressed to family and friends and the tone of the letter must convey your excitement and happiness. It should delve into some of the details such as the position at which you have been employed as well the date of joining, but shouldn’t reveal any more than is necessary.


Sample Letter:

The following is a sample of a New Job Announcement Letter.



Barry Robinson

992 Green Valley Avenue

Garden City, NY 22530





Jill Robinson

220 Fish Street

Hadley, MI 89820


Subject: New Job!


Dear Dad,

I am so excited! I had to write immediately to tell you as soon as I received the good news. OfficialIy as of today, I have got a new job! Yes! Hurray! I just received a call from National Pharmaceuticals company in New Orleans who have just offered me the post of Assistant Pharmacist at their New Orleans headquarters. Isn’t that cool, dad?

National Pharmaceuticals is a world renowned organization in healthcare with heavy researches, which I hope to venture into at some point during my time there. They are at the forefront of cutting-edge medical developments in the industry and heavily involved in researching cures for difficult to treat conditions. I believe that working here at this firm will give me the opportunity to move into research as I have always desired. Thanks for believing in me, dad! I thought I would get stuck at this small town drug store all my life, but you were right. The experience here made me more marketable.

I will be starting work on February 1, 2011. Hence, I shall be moving down to New Orleans in a couple of days to look for accommodation. I will write again when I am settled there.

Give mom my love and kisses.

Your darling daughter,


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