New Employee Introduction letter, Sample & Format

New Employee Introduction letterA New Employee Introduction Letter is quite a norm for a company to introduce a new employee to the rest of the staff when the new staff commences work. There may not be a more appropriate occasion for the introduction of new employees to the company, and hence, this type of introduction letter serves its purpose well as it is a form of circular to update all staff on who has just come on board the company.


Human Resource

Secure Leasing Corporation

8900 Davidson Lane
Centerville, IN 47888

January 25, 2011


All Staff of Secure Leasing Corporation

RE: Introduction of New Employee

Secure Leasing Corporation is pleased to introduce to you the following new employee: Ms. Candy Wyman.

Ms. Candy Wyman commences work with Secure Leasing Corporation today. Please welcome her into our establishment with your full support and cooperation. Ms. Wyman comes from a diverse industrial background of retail and manufacturing with 15 years of experience altogether.

She is taking up the position of Senior Consultant (Commercial Division). She shall be responsible for liaising with Secure Leasing Corporation’s Commercial clientele. She will report directly to the Director. She is available at the Commercial Division on the 8th floor. Her extension is 837.

Your full cooperation to Ms. Wyman to facilitate good synergy for Secure Leasing Corporation is appreciated.

Thank you.

Human Resource

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