New Employee Introduction letter


A ‘New Employee Introduction’ Letter is quite a norm for a company to introduce a new employee to the rest of the staff when the new staff member commences work. There may not be a more appropriate occasion for the introduction of new employees to the company, and hence, this type of introduction letter serves its purpose well as it is a form of circular to update all staff on who has just come on board the company.

The letter is a formal letter and when writing it, it is better to organise it into three paragraphs. Structure it into an introduction, the main body and a conclusion. In the beginning, paragraphs, introduce the new staff worker. Write more details about the person, such as their qualifications, their earlier place of work and the like. Make sure that the letter is not too formal since the other staff members have to feel friendly towards the new person. Go through our sample ‘new employee introduction’ letter for a better idea.

Sample Letter

The following is a sample of a ‘new employee introduction’ letter.


Stanley Jones,

Head of Human Resource,

Secure Leasing Corporation,

8900 Davidson Lane,

Centerville, IN 47888.




Staff Members,

Secure Leasing Corporation,

8900 Davidson Lane,

Centerville, IN 47888.

Subject: New Employee Introduction

Dear staff,

Secure Leasing Corporation is extremely delighted to introduce to you the following new employee: Ms. Candy Wyman.

Ms. Candy Wyman commences work with Secure Leasing Corporation today. Please welcome her into our establishment with your full support and cooperation. Ms. Wyman comes from a diverse industrial background of retail and manufacturing with almost 15 years of experience altogether. She is taking up the position of Senior Consultant (Commercial Division) at our organization. She shall be responsible for liaising with Secure Leasing Corporation’s Commercial clientele. She will report directly to the Director. She is available at the Commercial Division on the 8th floor. Her extension is 837. We request you all to wholeheartedly welcome her into our family.

Your full cooperation and support to Ms. Wyman to facilitate good synergy for Secure Leasing Corporation is appreciated. In order to integrate her into our family completely, we will be conducting a welcome party for her this week. All of your are welcome to join the party. It will be held on the coming Friday at our lobby at 6 PM. The party is being held as part of our latest ‘Our Company, our Life’ initiative. So please do turn up for an exciting day.

Thanking You

Yours sincerely,

Stanley Jones

Head of Human Resource,

Secure Leasing Corporation



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