New Employee Announcement letter, Sample & Format

New Employee Announcement letterA New Employee Announcement letter is given out by the management to introduce a new employee to the company as a form of welcome to the employee, especially if the new employee holds a high position in the company. The letter is more like a company circular which informs all staff of this new employee’s entry into the company.



Paramount Services Corporation

4780 Davisson Street
Centerville, IN 47330

January 15, 2011


All Employees

Paramount Services Corporation

RE: Announcement of New Employee

The Management would like to announce the entry of a new employee to Paramount Services today.

Please join me in welcoming Mr. Richard Blake into our midst as of today. Mr. Blake will take on the position of Customer Service Manager, replacing Mr. Dan Hope who retired last month.


Mr. Blake comes with 20 years of experience in customer care and services at various international organizations before joining Paramount Services. We are indeed privileged to tap on his expertise and look forward to his contribution to the continued growth and success of Paramount Services.


Mr. Blake will be located in Customer Care Department on the 5th floor, handling all matters about customer services and welfare.


Please give him your full cooperation so that he can excel in his post for the benefit of the company.


Thank you.


Paramount Services Corporation


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