New Business Introduction letter

New Business Introduction letterIntroduction:

A New business introduction letter is sent to potential clients, suppliers, and business associates by a new business owner or company to inform its distribution list of its presence in the market. The letter should be well written with the relevant information about the new business, especially announcing specialties and promotions that will impact the recipient’s response. A new business is something a person puts his heart and soul into. Hence anything concerning this new business, especially a letter should be dealt with utmost care.

A new company that is set up is done with a mindset of making it reach high heights. With a great business comes greater responsibility, a responsibility to oneself, to the parties involved with the firm, and to society as a whole. There should be no misleading content as then it would be an injustice to everyone because then the letter would only be worth being called a misnomer.


The following is a sample of New Business Introduction Letter.


Raymond D. Adams,

Summit Farm Supplies,

762 Park Avenue,
Flint, MI 48548

February 2, 2011


J.K firm,

New central perk,

Subject: New Business Introduction
Dear Valued Customers, Suppliers, Business Associates,
This letter serves to introduce you to fresh farm supplies at affordable prices and to your convenience. It is not only beneficial for our new business but also for the customers at large, in fact especially for the customers at large.

SUMMIT FARM SUPPLIES is a new store in Flint District to provide all the necessary fresh produce that you will want to have a good and healthy meal at home or workplace. SUMMIT FARM SUPPLIES is committed to quality with great discounts with quantity. It is also committed to satisfying all people associated with the business. In fact, it appreciates a healthy relationship with everyone related in any manner.

We are open seven days a week for your fresh produce marketing. Quantity purchases will enjoy a free delivery within a 10 km radius. We can be reached at (820) 838-2737-290. You must understand that we are willing to establish a friendly relationship with everyone associated with this new start-up. We look forward to assisting everyone in need by all means available to us.

We look forward to your visit at our new store at Park and Grange. There are signboards well placed for your driving convenience. Would it be an honor for us to have a person like you amongst us.

Best regards,



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