New Branch Office Introduction Letter


When a company or firm expands, it increases its operations. This may be done by increasing the product range available, services provided or any other such thing. Usually, when expansion projects are underway, more space is required for the increased number of staff, storage, research and development, customer services, etc. For this, more space may be allocated, or an entirely new branch in a different area is set up. When a branch is set up in a new area, this usually helps the company or firm expand geographically. This is usually a costly process and done only after much deliberation to the cost versus the profits to the company in the long run.

When a new branch is opened, it leads to increase in the number of employees as more people are required to do the new jobs being created. Although new jobs are created, all jobs cannot be given to new recruits as they require training, trial period, are not familiar with the working of the company or the firm and its practices. Hence, old employees need to be transferred to the new branch for smooth functioning.

Sample Letter:

This is a sample of a New Branch Office Introduction Letter.



All the employees of X Y Z Ltd.





Mr. Amarendra Nagpal

Chief Operating Officer

X Y Z Ltd.


Subject: New Branch Office

It is with great pleasure that I am writing this letter to inform all our dear employees that our company’s board of directors have decided that the company will branch out to Chennai. After much deliberation and thought, it has been unanimously decided, that due to the increase in sales and customer base in Chennai, it is not feasible to operate from Mumbai with only a few visits a month to Chennai.

It had come to my notice that some in the company fear that this may lead to new employees taking over higher positions or freezing of promotions for a few years. Let me assure you all that this not the case. We shall be recruiting new employees, but the major positions shall be filled from within. We are also opening up the process for everyone who wishes to transfer to the Chennai to apply. The salary shall be increased by five percent as the that is a new place to all. Company housing arrangements for married employees, as well as unmarried employees, are under way.

The form to apply for the transfer is attached to this letter. Please do fill it out and submit it latest by 20th May 2011.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,

Amerendra Nagpal

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