Navy Retirement Letter


Retirement is a time when one finishes the stipulated period of service or when decides to take up voluntary retirement. A Navy Retirement Letter is written by an official serving the Navy. When asking the permission for retirement, it becomes necessary on the part of the official to write to the commanding officer a letter to inform him or her about the same. Even though the retiring officer might have informed his or her concerned authority about the same orally, the letter shall serve as an official note.

The letter should specify the correct date of the retirement. The letter may be given a slight personal touch and include certain instances as well, but it should not extend the professional boundaries. The writer may wish to disclose to the receiver his or her plans after the retirement. The writer should express gratitude to the Navy for providing a cherishing work experience.

Sample Letter

The following is a sample of a Navy Retirement Letter.


Aniket Khana


Ship 12 DIV 2132

SO, MOD, AFI Building,




Himanshu Mehta

Brigadier General,

Western Naval Command,

SO, MOD, AFI Building,


Subject: Retirement from the Indian Navy

Dear Mr. Himanshu Mehta,

I am writing to formally inform you as well as to request for your acceptance on my retirement from the Indian Navy. I have decided to cease from my position as the Captain of Ship 12 DIV 2132 of the Indian Navy with effect from DD/MM/YYYY.

The decision to retire from the Navy has indeed been a very difficult one to arrive at. The Indian Navy has provided me with so many inspiring experiences, and I am thankful to the branch for the same. My confidence has built up significantly during my experiences here. My family is equally grateful for the benefits that the force has bestowed on them. Although I have been miles apart from my family, the atmosphere here at the branch has been equally warm and familial. However, the time of retirement has come so I must depart from my duties. I appreciate every unit and person here who has helped me to excel in my duties.

I, once again, thank you for providing me the opportunity to serve for my nation. My journey with the Indian Navy has been the most enjoyable part of my life, and I shall cherish it always.

Thanking you for your time.

Yours sincerely,

Aniket Khana


Ship 12 DIV 2132

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