Nanny Reference Letter


When both the parents are working, usually paid help is hired who takes care of the child in the absence of the parents.It is usually a woman in most cases.In most western countries, people usually drop the kids at the creche or have a nanny.It is usually more expensive to hire the services of a nanny than a creche.In India, the idea of a nanny taking care of the baby is slowly being accepted. This is due to nuclear families that do not have the full-time support of grandparents and others. In the recent times, even in joint families, the idea of a nanny taking care of the baby is becoming more and more popular.

A reference letter for a nanny is written by the employers for the nanny.This is written when the services of the nanny are no longer needed, maybe due to the child having grown up or going to school, or the nanny is leaving the service due to any reason.

Sample Letter

The following is a Sample of Nanny Reference Letter.


Pauline H. Rocha

2555 Gerald L. Bates Drive
Boston, MA 02115

11 January 2017


Robert T. Horn

3183 Mattson Street
Salem, OR 97301

Subject: Reference for Nanny Therma.

Dear sir,

I have had the pleasure of knowing Therma Wallis for 3 years now.I have never seen a person as caring and nurturing as her.She is such a positive influence on my son and has become an integral part of our lives.It is with a heavy heart that we are seeing her go as my husband got transferred to another city and she cannot leave her family to come with us.

She has taken very good care of our son. When he once had the flu and we did not know what to do, like the caring woman that she is, she calmed us down and took care of the situation.For a first time mother, she was a blessing in disguise.

She is calm and nurturing but at the same time took care to inculcate good habits in our son.He is such a well-behaved child and she is to be credited for it as well.She always took care of him whenever needed, even going as far as to come on her off day.Her love for children shows in her handling of the children.

Seeing her go will be hard not just for our son but for us as well as we do not think we can ever thank her enough for her wonderful care of our baby.

Yours sincerely,

Pauline H. Rocha.

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