Mission Trip Fundraising Letter


A mission trip fundraising article is a letter written by a person who wishes to go on an important mission but doesn’t have funds for the same. Many a time, people wish to help others in times of difficulty, i.e., to accomplish a mission. The trip to complete the same can be a costly affair. So, to fund the mission trip, people write letters to those who can help them in raising the fund required for completion of the mission. The mission can vary from medical mission to any other mission.

A mission trip fundraising letter is a formal letter and has to be written with extreme professionalism. Mention details of your mission and also how it would help people in general so that more people would be willing to provide/donate funds for the same. Be genuine in the tone of your letter and avoid doing any sort of grammatical mistakes.


Sample Letter

The following is the sample of mission trip fundraising letter.


Adair Bing,

Chief Head,

Unitco – The People’s Organization.

7 September 2016


Alexis Sen,


Frisco Ltd.

Respected Sir,

Subject: Mission trip fundraising letter.

Greetings to you! I am writing you this letter to ask for a huge help in order to help people of our society. As you must be knowing, many people have been injured, dead and many have lost their families due to the recent bomb attacks by Naxalites in the remote areas of our country. It has been in the recent news that they are still not able to access basic necessities as some fear that the attacks might happen again and so are hidden inside their home.

Our NGO – Unitco, works solely for helping people in the society. At this hour of difficulty faced by our fellow country people, we have made this our mission to go and help them until things settle down there. However, we don’t have enough funds for the completion of this mission.

We have seen that often in the past, your organization has contributed to many such mission trips and we were wondering if you could donate something for our trip too. We have collected half of the funds that we will require to make this a success. However, we are still in short of funds. We would be very grateful to you if you could help us in making this a success.

Hoping for a positive response from your side.
Thanking You

Yours sincerely,

Adair Bing,

General Secretary,

Unitco – The People’s Organization.

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