Missing You Love Letters


A Missing you love letter is primarily a letter that is far from following a particular format or something of that sort. It is a letter where one pours his heart out to his partner. Distance can be very tricky sometimes and although two people are living not too far away from each other still the misunderstanding in their relationship might make them miss each other.

Relationships are very delicate; it has to be taken care of like a flower. It’s imperative to keep in mind that winning a conversation or succeeding one’s ego is not as important as giving a longer life to that relationship, and yet a balance has to be maintained. One need not sacrifice their self-respect to maintain a relationship. The purpose of this letter stands defeated if one is unable to convey their feelings in a correct manner.

Sample letter

The following is a sample of Missing You Love Letters


Devika Maurrie,

801, Ghiraga Apt,

Madison Square Road,

New York.



Mathew Perks,

Madison Square Road,

New York.

Dearest Mathew,

Do you remember how we used to be together? Do you even remotely remember that before anything, we were supposed to be friends? Despite me telling you repeatedly about this, you chose your path. I don’t care that you started feeling for some other girl, that is the last thing I care about. Sure, it does bother me, but that’s not why I’m pissed at you. That’s not half the reason why I chose not to keep you in my life. With you around, I’ve always felt the upbeat rhythms of life. In fact, there was a point in my life when my entire life was only about you. You forgot to respect me, yes, I didn’t feel respected even once. You got so lost in your romancing that you entirely forgot we had something that was at least considerable. Sometimes, in the quietness of everything I did miss the times when you held me from behind by the waist, and we swayed from right to left, our cheeks touching each other and my hand cupping your face, remember how we were happy like the most beautiful kids? The times when you told me you could not share me with anybody, the times when we kissed and had the most passionate of times together and many others.

You did mean a lot to me, my dear friend or if I should say my love, but I’m not sure if I should keep you. I do miss you so much that I can’t stop to think about you, but when I can’t have my respect, I will let you go. If you could stay without me even after being around me that too because you got your eyes set on someone else, no matter how much I love or care for you and most importantly miss you, I will let you go. I will never take you back even if you want to come back.

Yours Sincerely,




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