Community Letter


A Community Letter is written by somebody on behalf of an entire community of people. The size of the community can vary, from a small group of students to one that occupies a large geographical region, such as a village. The request can depend, according to the size and demands of the community. However, no matter the size of the community, the letter was written on behalf of them is a highly formal letter, so it is better to divide the letter into three parts, comprising of an introduction, the main body, and a conclusion.

The introduction is a single line or paragraph that states the reason or intent behind the letter. This acts as a prelude to the rest of the letter. The nature of this reason is then explicated further in the following paragraphs. This could be anything, ranging from a request for a commodity to a complaint. This should ideally the second paragraph of the letter. Conclude the letter aptly.

Sample Letter

The following is a sample of a community letter


Sidharth Sudheer,

5th Year Dual Degree Student,

Class Representative,

Department of Humanities and Social Sciences,

IIT Madras



Mangalavelu Reddy,

Mangalavelu Reddy,

Assistant Professor,

Department of Humanities and Social Sciences,

IIT Madras

Subject: A request from the community

Dear Sir,

Let me introduce myself as Sidharth Sudheer, the current class representative of 5th year MA. I pen this letter down on behalf of all the students, and it is regarding the possible cancellation of Friday’s class.

The class that I am talking about refers to the current final years of the Dual Degree course. There are about 60 students in this class, all of whom haven’t gone home for the past one year, owing to many commitments. Since this is our final year and since most of us would be starting our jobs very soon, we would all like to go back home on a 4-day leave this Friday. As you must already be aware of, Sir, the Institute calendar has declared Saturday and Monday to be non-instructional days. Since we are in the final year, we have a lot of our slots free. We originally had just two courses, including this course for Friday. The other professor has already postponed his class to a two hour slot class on Tuesday. On behalf of the entire class, I was wondering whether you could do the same, Sir.

I am well aware that this is a lot to ask at this point, considering we are only one month away from graduation. However, I wouldn’t approach you with this request unless the entire community of students were in dire need of it. Please do think about it, Sir.

Thanking You

Yours sincerely,

Sidharth Sudheer

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