Military Leave Letter


A military leave letter is one wherein a military officer request for leave from the government to either spend time with his/her family or just to take some time off. Our soldiers work hard day and night to protect the citizens of our country. Everyone has a family and loved ones with whom they want to spend some time or to be with their family in the time of need; the soldiers too who are rarely allowed for leave. So, to take an official leave from their work, a military official writes a letter to his superior regarding the same.

A military leave letter is a formal letter and must be written in a professional tone. One must mention the reason behind the leave and try to keep it genuine one. It might increase the chances of the leave getting sanctioned. Also, mention the date when you shall be joining back your work and be punctual for the same. Don’t make any grammatical mistakes.

Sample :

The following is a sample of Military leave letter.


Shashank Rawteker,

Field Marshal,

Indian Army.

9 January 2015.


Puneet Ramnay,

Army Chief,

Indian Army.

Respected Sir,

Subject: Leave Letter.

Warm greetings to you sir. I hope you are doing fine at your posting. I am writing you this letter to request grant me leave. In the past 3 years, I have never asked for any untimely leave. However, the situation is so now that it can’t be avoided. My father has been in critical condition for days now, as you know. The doctor has said that he has only numbered days left now. At such situation, as any other son, I too want to meet him and support my family during this time of difficulty.

I shall leave on 12th September 2015 and be back by 20th September 2015. I might extend my leave if necessary. I shall inform you regarding the same. I know that as a military person, my first duty is towards the country and then my family comes. However, this is a time when I desperately want to be with my family as I haven’t seen them for months.

I have attached all the documents which you might require to verify my statements. Also, I have delegated my duties to my colleague for the time being. His name is Sushant Singh. I have briefed him about the work and I am confident that he shall perform his best.

Thanking you in advance.

Yours Sincerely,

Shashank Rawteker,

Field Marshal,

Indian Army.

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