Merry Christmas Letter

Merry Christmas Letter


Occasions such as Christmas are wonderful times where people come together to celebrate. It is a time where families come together, break bread and bond over celebrations, putting aside any differences and disputes between them. It isn’t uncommon to see people send cards and letters to close ones to wish them if one cannot attend in person. A Merry Christmas letter is written to convey good luck and spread the cheer of Christmas and the coming New Year, setting aside any quarrels or differences that you may have with the recipient.

This letter is a good opportunity to strengthen friendship and family bonds with kind and words of blessings to one another as well as words of forgiveness. The letter must be informal, and its contents must convey your happiness and festive spirit. One must avoid talking about or discussing any unpleasant topics and must remain positive throughout the letter.

Sample Letter:

The following is a sample of a Christmas Letter.



Thomas Baker

201 Wilson Avenue

Palm Desert, CA 50320





Pastor David Silver

Redemption Church

1293 Wakefield Street

San Antonio, TX 78217


Subject: Merry Christmas


Dear Brother Thomas,

Another year is passing soon and the New Year is round the corner. Allow all the pastoral staff and me at the Redemption Church to wish you and your family a blessed Christmas.

Christmas is a time for family and friends, for beginnings anew and reforging of bonds with our loved ones, even those who remain at odds with us. It is a time for forgiving and putting aside differences and quarrels and beginning a new chapter. Let me take this moment to convey that it has been our pleasure to serve you and your family this year as you extend your hand of fellowship so readily.

We pray that you will continue to prosper in health and wealth so that the good work of our Lord Jesus will continue to flourish in this neighborhood. Only together can we make an impact that brings everyone closer to the light and away from the darkness buried in our hearts, through love, charity, and brotherhood.

We trust that you will continue to your good work and help us in our mission to the needy in this congregation and neighborhood. We wish you the best that Christmas can bring as you celebrate the meaningful birth of our Redeemer, Jesus Christ!

In His Service

Pastor David Silver

Redemption Church

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