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A membership letter is a letter that is written to any club, institution or any form of organization to become its member. Nowadays, many clubs have been opened for various groups of people to socialize and learn something new. It has become a trend to be part of one of these clubs. However, the membership of the same is not free. One needs to deposit a certain amount of money every month and attach a letter in order to obtain the membership.

A membership letter is in a way, a formal letter and has to be written professionally. Mention the reason as to why you want to join this club and how will it benefit you. If you want to, then do mention about how you got introduced to this club. Also, mention about your area of interest. Attach with this letter whatever details the club requires along with the membership fees.

Sample Letter

The following is the sample of membership letter.


Sagarika Das,

Vill Apartments,

Mumbai, India.

2 January 2015


Aakanksha Pathak,

General Secretary,

ABC Relax Club,

Mumbai, India.

Dear Aakanksha,

Subject: Membership Letter.

Greetings to you! I am writing you this letter to obtain a membership of your club. Everyone wants to relax in this world that knows not to stop ever. I heard about your club from a friend of mine as to how it is a peaceful place to relax for a married woman. Due to constant work, I can’t get any time off for myself. My friend gave me your card and told me that you run this club specifically for married woman who too want to relax.

I am most interested in the games that you guys play every week you meet. I have always been an active participant in sports and games, but since marriage, I haven’t been able to take time for the same. It would help me in getting back in my old shape too. I have attached with this letter the form that we need to fill for joining the club, along with passport photographs and a copy of my identity proof. I shall come and deposit the membership fees once you have verified these documents provided by me and confirm my membership.

I want to join this club to get out of my tiring schedule and freshen my mind. I do hope that you shall revert to me as soon as possible.

Thanking you,

Yours Sincerely,

Sagarika Das.

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