Medical Service Complaint Letter


Medical Treatment is of utmost importance and must be prioritized to the maximum extent possible by individuals. One should not leave any stone unturned when it comes to medical care as one’s health and well being is imperative to a good life. When it comes to medical treatment, no one should compromise. So when such a situation arises where the person feels like they are not getting adequate health care or health services promised, then they have the full right to write a complaint letter.

This can be used as a legal document, therefore restrict yourself to using formal language only. The nature of your complaint should be mentioned in detail along with the names of the concerned people/ hospital who are not delivering on their promise to the patient. If possible, mention the complaints in the form of pointers. Refer to the sample letter given below.



Artemis Hospital

Sector 48, Sohna Road




Room No. 4

Artemis Hospital

Sector 48, Sohna Road


Subject: Medical Complaint Letter

To whom so ever it may concern,

I write to you with great disappointment. Such kind of medical treatment and healthcare standards were not at all expected from a hospital of your kind.

My name is Vaish Singh, and I was diagnosed with Swine Flu on the DD/MM/YYYY by the esteemed doctors of your hospital. I was admitted for medical provisions at once. At the time of my admission, I was told that I would be given a private ward since my case was severe along with round the clock medical care.

It was shocking when I was put in a room with two other swine flu patients. I have complained some times, but none has paid any heed to my complaints. Moreover, last night around 3 am I was feeling extremely nauseous’ so rang the nurse bell for assistance multiple times but there was no one to help me.

The admission contract says that I will be visited by a dietician to ensure the proper in taking of nutrients for a speedy recovery along with a full-body check-up. None of which have been conducted as of yet.

It is sad that a patient in this state is mistreated. I demand the hospital to shift me to another one at the earliest along with a full refund. This is down right appalling.

Thank You

Vaish Singh

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