Medical leave Letter, Sample & Format

Medical leave LetterA medical leave letter is written by an employee who wishes to apply for leave based on health reasons. Sometimes an employee is required to submit a request for taking leave during work hours or any work day to go for a checkup, especially if the doctor’s appointment is known beforehand.


Jason Washington

Senior Analyst

Global Technology Industry

June 15, 2010


Matthew Fontana

Project Manager

Global Technology Industry

Dear Mr. Fontana

RE: Medical leave request

I would like to inform you that I am due for a medical checkup as per the company’s policies on employees above 50 years old. Having checked on the company doctor’s availability and my work responsibility, I would like to request for Monday morning off to go for my medical checkup which is dated June 20, 2010.

I shall most likely be back to work in the afternoon if there is no crowd at the doctor’s office. If otherwise, I shall call in to inform the office of the situation. I shall ensure that all my work responsibilities will not be affected by this checkup request.

Thank you for your kind understanding and prompt approval of my request.

Yours truly,

Jason Washington

Senior Analyst


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