Medical Apology Letter


A medical apology letter is one that is written by hospital authorities to relatives of those patients whom they couldn’t provide with proper treatment or those who weren’t much satisfied with their services. Everyone admits their relative to a hospital in a hope of getting the best treatment so that they are well soon. However, sometimes, due to some negligence on part of the hospital authorities or other factors too, they don’t get the service which they had hoped for. Apologizing for the same face to face can be a troublesome task. Writing a letter is a good idea for apologizing.

A medical apology letter can be written formally or informally, depending on how well the authorities know the person they are apologising to. However, it should be a bit informal as it should be able to create a feeling that the person is really sorry. Mention about how sorry you were that their needs couldn’t be properly attended to. If necessary, ask them how they can do better to improve themselves for others to come.

Sample Letter

The following is a sample of  medical apology letter.



Vidya Raisagar,

Chief Manager,

TYI Hospital.

16 October 2016


Mayank Shrivastava,

Assistant Manager,

WER Pvt. Ltd.

Dear Mayank,

Subject: Apology for bad services.

Warmest greetings from our side. You have been a visitor to this hospital since its inception. We have always tried to give the patients who visit here the best they can get. Our hospital is also one of the best one can find in this city. Recently, I was made aware of the negligence on the part of my authorities in treatment of your relative which created a hassle for you.

I am writing this letter to apologize for the same. It was not intentional. We know the doctor should’ve been there by the time you were called for an appointment, but he had to attend to a sudden emergency because of which he couldn’t come. The other doctor took a lot of time to arrive which wasted your precious time; I am really sorry for that.

This has never happened that a patient had to wait for a long time before a doctor attended him/her. We hope that you overlook this as first and the last mistake of ours and do come whenever required. I once again deeply apologise for the negligence shown by my authorities. Also, I kindly request you to give feedback as to how we can improve our overall services.

Thanking You

Yours Sincerely,

Vidya Raisagar.

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