Media Job Cover Letter

Introduction :

To work in the Media industry is considered to be a tough job. For it means to be in the limelight forever, one has to maintain their good reputation always. A person has to be a tough nut to crack and also have a pleasing personality so that the viewers like to see them on their screens. However, a media job doesn’t always mean an on screen job. It may also be the off screen one, which is equally good but less tiring than the on screen one.

A media job cover letter is a formal letter written by an individual to a media house to apply for a job posted by them. The letter must contain all the relevant details about the job as it catches the recruiters eye immediately. Make sure to use correct grammar and format for the letter as it is a highly professional one.


Sample :

The following is the sample of media job cover letter.



Dinesh Mishra,

Junior Assistant director & creative writer,

Mukund Films Pvt. Ltd.



Pushpak Sharma,

HR Executive,

Vishesh Media Networks Pvt. Ltd.

Subject – Media Job cover letter.

Dear Mr. Sharma,

I am writing you this letter to apply for the job of assistant director posted by you. I came across it recently and I am interested in that job.

I have always been into media and entertainment ever since I was young. I had always wanted to know the life behind the silver screen. After graduating from National academy of media and events, I joined Mukund Films Pvt ltd, a new short film company in the media industry. I have been working as a junior assistant director for the past five years. Having acquired skills required to become an assistant director, I would like to apply for the same in your company.

Vishesh Media Networks Pvt. Ltd. has always given new talents a chance to prove themselves by showing their short films on big screens occasionally. This helps in giving the person an exposure and a boost to his confidence too. I have been gaining ideas on my short film and have formulated a couple of them too. However, to carry that out, I need a good media house that is willing to take up new comers like me. I would be really glad if you could take some time to hear out my ideas.

With best wishes,

Dinesh Mishra,

Junior Assistant director & creative writer,

Mukund Films Pvt. Ltd.

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